230 Miles

By February 8, 2016Blog, Featured, Uncategorized

“Only” 230 miles to go.  I talked to Sarah and the kids last night – they’ve arrived in Antigua, though by a slightly faster route than the one I’ve taken.  While my thoughts are consumed with getting the Dog House into harbour and seeing my family, there is always time for reflection on what it’s taken to get to this place.  So today I’ll give you a pic of the Dog House when she was being measured up to fit my tall frame.  You can see how comfortable my “bed” is.

IMG_0999 (1)   IMG_0997 (1)



  • Albert Jamieson says:

    A mere bagatelle left ?….keep focused, no slips now.

  • Fosha and Mervyn says:

    Well done Greg. We have been following your progress with interest. Good luck for the final leg.
    All the best.

  • Tom Evans says:

    Well done so far and keep it up Greg. And for a different sort of exploration – we looking forward to discussing new business opportunities when you get back!! Cheers Tom