And Now I Realise…

By January 22, 2016Blog, Featured, Media
I'm in this place at the moment where I am both excited to be past half way and daunted by the amount of ocean still to cross. It is hard going but I'm making progress. 

I've gone far enough south now that it's warm in the day.  I'd love to row at night when it's cooler and rest in the day, but it is unbearably hot in the cabin in the day - think 40°C and 100% humidity.  So I am rowing in the day.

I am having technical difficulties emailing photos - there are 3 in the queue and Sarah is helping me see if there is a way to get them out. 

It seems that the more people learn about the row, the more questions people have (especially after the birthday suit pictures from some of the other crews).  If you have questions I would be happy to answer them - it will be a great diversion.

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  • Tom Justison says:

    Very interesting news article explaining your trip in Sarah’s hometown newspaper, the” Hillsboro Journal News”. We wish you the very best of health and safet in your journey.. Tom Justison, Butler, Illinois.