Back on Land

By February 16, 2016Blog, Featured, Media

The first few days back on land were taken up with spending time with my family.  It was great to have Sarah and the kids, and my dad and Liz to greet me at the finish.  I put them all to use helping me sort out and clean the boat.  I’ve been getting quite a few questions about my these few days, so here are some bullet points:

  1. I had sea-legs for a good two days after I arrived.  I could hop on the boat and clamber back and forth with ease, but walking on land was tricky.  My calves are just not used to supporting my body weight.  It will be a few weeks before I attempt a run.
  2. My lower back is achy.  Seriously achy.  Also just not used to standing up.
  3. My first meal was a cheeseburger and fries with a Mt. Dew.  It was The Best.
  4. I haven’t been sleeping well still.  The first few nights I would wake up and have to think hard that I didn’t have to get up and row or check the GPS if I was drifting in the right direction!
  5. I took 3 showers and 1 bath in my first 24 hours on land.
  6. The wonders of modern plumbing are never to be over-estimated, particularly the genius of the flushing toilet.
  7. I love having dry clothes and have been working to eliminate my “mould minions” that grew in the continual damp of the cabin.
  8. The laundry is not for the faint-hearted.  Mouldy Goretex.  My wife gets a gold medal.


  • Ryno says:

    Greg, Sarah and Family. We are both happy you are safe and proud to know you. I have done many of these adventure-dreams in my armchair at home ?. You are inspiring us all to do more. Congratulations again! Look forward to seeing you back in mother-Africa.

    The Matthees

  • Peter Farrant says:

    Just the best news Greg! Thrilled that you have made such excellent progress and achieved a huge milestone! Our heartiest congratulations and love to you! Also special love to Sarah who deserves as big a medal as you do.
    Peter and Janet.

  • Elaine Dodge says:

    Well done, Greg! Welcome home! Your journey has been very inspiring, not just for blog material for my own website! Thanks for that, by the way! 😀 You’re right, your wife, and your kids, all deserve a gold medal each!