Back to the Oars!

By January 14, 2016Blog, Featured, Media



Para anchor, thank you, but I’m packing you away now.  After more or less three days of doing my best to hold my ground I’m off, though at staggeringly slow speeds.

While I was cooped up inside the Dog House, there wasn’t a lot to do.  It was very bumpy for a long time, which made sleep impossible.  And it’s hot.  The hatches must all be sealed.  I’m in the tropics.  And so the moisture in the cabin condenses on the inside of the hull and drips.  Onto me.  Especially at night.  So not the most comfortable.  But there we are.

It is frustrating to be fixed on a goal and unable to do anything to get there.  It made me think about the organisation I’m supporting – Streetlight Schools – and how they are doing so much to make a way for so many kids to move towards their goals.  Please consider supporting them – follow the link on the site!

I also developed an even greater appreciation for all of you supporting me – your messages of encouragement make all the difference!  I particularly enjoyed my message from Annegret with ideas to help the auto helm situation.  Please keep them coming.  Extremely limited bandwidth makes replies challenging, but I am getting them all!  And a special shout out to all of you who’ve been supporting Sarah and the kids this week as the kids start their new school years.  THANK YOU.


  • Pieter and Nadine( & Ouma) says:

    I can’t imagine 3hrs (never mind 3days) cooped up like that! That is when your mind has to be at its strongest. Well done, you’re a star!

    • Mich Veldman says:

      Wer’e following your progress with great interest. Your equipment surely is great! Mooi so Greg, vasbyt!

  • Ken & Liz says:

    Great description of what you are going through. Full steam ahead now. Vas yet en voorwarts!