By January 19, 2016Blog, Featured, Media

Alas, my bum has taken a turn for the worse with the return of the more wet conditions. You may have been reading other crews’ blogs about how all the rowers develop severe nappy (diaper) rash from sitting in the wet day in and day out.  I’ve been doing alright with this up until now, thanks to my homemade seat cushion (two layers of gym mat stuck together with superglue).  Hope I can keep the boils under control…

A positive though is that I’ve been able to manage power on the boat much better (partly because no autohelm for the past 500 miles). Batteries are pretty much fully charged and I’ve only been running the Efoy (fuel cell) for about an hour a day.

Got taken out by two larger flying fish during my night session this evening. Am very jealous of those boats that have seen whales. That would be amazing!


  • Bernie says:

    Keep going Gore.

  • Caroline & Robert says:

    Well done for preserving your bum – that really is quite an achievement on a row like this. Plenty of time for the wildlife to find you!

  • Liz says:

    sure those whales will find you … try singing in whale sounds ..like Dory in Finding Nemo. Doing great and seem to be keeping the Yorkshire Rows company ..tho need to check the post storm positions. Sorry your bum is suffering .. keep hold pf your mat.