Equipment Trouble

By December 31, 2015Blog, Featured, Media

I am grateful for the wind at my back.  It is making for good progress, which is encouraging on a day like today as I lost my primary autohelm.  This is a device that automatically adjusts my course to keep me on a good line, and is vital for us solar rowers as it adjusts our course when we are resting.  I brought two backups – a refurbished one and a new one.  The refurbished one wouldn’t work, so I’ve gone to the new backup already.  I hope it lasts.  I now have a new appreciation for what might have led to the phrase, “swearing like a sailor”.


  • Michael Chomse says:

    Hey Greg, thinking of you as you cross the mighty blue. I’ll raise a glass tonight to you and the autohelm. Keep course, keep strength!

  • Hello Greg, sending thoughts of encouragement from Göteborg, Sweden. I was thinking of you guys today on my trail run on slippery icy patches and Siberian wind in my face. I hope the new autohelm will last all the way to Antigua. Happy New Year!

  • Fries says:

    Happy New Year dude! May the (wind) force be with you! Enjoying the updates, keep em coming! Love from all this end. Gb Fries

  • Ken & Liz says:

    Hi Gore, thanks for the updates. Any chance of a picture? Happy New Year, good rowing and vasbyt!

  • Peter Farrant says:

    Hi Greg,
    Thinking of you regularly and our prayers are with you as is our love! May the autohelm keep doing its stuff!
    Peter and Janet Farrant.(Waterberg).

  • Elaine Dodge says:

    Happy new year, Greg! Sorry to hear about your autohelm! Will be praying the new one lasts and you don;t have to resort to rowing by the stars!