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I received a request for a photo of my instrumentation panel (what things do I look at), so here is a shot of the panel inside my cabin that I took yesterday.

Clockwise from top left:

Isolation switches for all individual electrical systems

Efoy control panel (my methane-powered fuel cell – used for backup power)

Chart plotter that integrates GPS and AIS (AIS detects ships in the area and gives me an alert). Has an external relay screen on the deck that shows course over ground and speed – which is the single thing I look at most without the autohelm to steer

12v outlets for charging things

VHF radio – although I keep this off as there is nobody in range

2 battery charge monitors to be able to see the state of charge of each of the deep cycle batteries.

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  • Pieter and Nadine( & Ouma) says:

    So good to see you making wonderful progress and in such fine spirits too!