Maybe He Only Speaks Whale, or Maybe He Likes Dessert

By January 31, 2016Blog, Featured, Media

I’m not certain, but I may have seen a whale a little while after my call with Sarah this afternoon.  I’m not 100% certain, but I looked up and saw a really large form in the water about two swells behind me.  I jumped up to have a better look and thought it was either a whale or a REALLY big shark.  Another swell came by and then I didn’t see it again, so I am not sure.  It’ll keep me looking again tomorrow though. BTW, I did try and talk “Whale” to it Dory style, but no response…

On a different note, it is that time of the adventure where the obsessive thoughts about food really take centre stage.  I brought some just-add-water chocolate chip desserts along.  The idea was not to have these everyday but to celebrate certain milestones or maybe as a pick-me-up after a particularly tough day.  In rummaging through my food bins recently I discovered that I still have a lot.  Given my current pace and the weather outlook I should have enough desserts to have one every second night.  A tasty way to get down another 500 calories. So today was a dessert day! Woohoo!  If I row too slowly to Antigua then no more desserts for me. As if I need any more incentive to get there!  Yum, yum.