Night Rowing

By January 4, 2016Blog, Featured, Media
Otherwise known as "Rowing Roulette" or "Where is the Next Wave Coming From". You hear the rushing sound of a breaking wave and brace for impact...but you can't see it coming.

Much easier under a full moon.  And part of the reason that I've adjusted my routine away from 2-hour shifts and to a day full of rowing and a larger chunk of "sleep" at night.  "Sleep" is in quotes because it is really just an approximation of sleep.



  • Kari Koskinen says:

    Hi Greg!

    I was just in Nazare Portugal and got the feeling of Atlantic’s heavy wind and big waves. Couldn’t be thinking that you are somewhere there on the Atlantic day and night many days in a row. Stay strong there and be safe!!

    Best Regards,

  • Pam du Plessis says:

    Hi Greg – This is Pam and Corne from Lephalale. We thinking of you and this enormous challenge of yours. All the best from a very hot and dry SA.

  • Tom Evans says:

    Hi Greg- Happy New Year to you!
    I thought I would check in to see how you are doing – Keep going and Good Luck!