Paddling Upstream

By February 3, 2016Blog, Featured, Uncategorized

One of my biggest fans got some new paddling pajamas. It’s a bright spot in an otherwise difficult day, which has certainly seen plenty of “paddling upstream”. The winds have shifted and it has been a battle for the last 24 hours. I’ve kept on the oars as much as I can. The result is a lot of aches and pains. It looks like at least another 24 hours of fighting hard before things ease just a little. Knowing that this super-fan is going to be on her way to Antigua soon is keeping me going.


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  • Pieter and Nadine( & Ouma) says:

    Hi Greg – We’re behind you all the way! We spoke to Ken on the weekend – he’s so proud of you! Keep going, the light must be vaguely gleaming at the end of the tunnel…