Spending the Night in a Lightning Storm

By February 5, 2016Blog, Featured, Media

The wind seems to have turned during the past few hours.  For now at least I am sitting in the cabin with a thunderstorm outside being blown the right way.  Hope it now holds!  Feels really good after working so hard the last few days.

FAST FORWARD ABOUT 90 MINS LATER – that was storm driven. Now that the storm is overhead I’m going in all directions. Just spun 360 degrees. Heavy rain and lightning at the moment so will just go with it for now..

Something else, which is awesome, is that the stereo came on and seems to be working!  The stereo system stopped working on about day 5 when I had to fiddle with wiring in the temporary solar panel.  I assumed I must have shorted something and fried it.  I’ve tried loads of times since then to get it to come on but largely gave up and have been just using headphones (real pain as they fall out, always in the way etc).  Well, tonight the stereo decided to work when I tried – so I am sitting in the Atlantic, in the middle of a lightning storm, blaring Shosholoza and singing along at the top of my voice.  Crazy stuff as just about everything else is patched together and getting harder and harder to keep working (such as my jet boil stove that yesterday finally succumbed to terminal corrosion). I have a spare though so it’s ok.



  • Wilma & Daudet says:

    Are you there yet? Sounds awesome but scary. Just keep rowing. Thinking of you

  • Burger van Beek says:

    Well done Greg! You can do it. Enjoy every moment.

  • Albert Jamieson says:

    Go Greg, not far now!

  • Albert Jamieson says:

    Looks like barely a J’burg to Durban road trip left, only there will be jerk chicken and Banks beer to greet you not curry and Castle!

  • Kati says:

    HI! Just had Jukka over for a late lunch at our cafe – told me about your incredible and enchanting toil. How´s the water around there? Is the human society present in the form of garbage floating around or are you there alone with The Elements? Now I wish to dream of the seas this night! Take care!