Ocean separates lands, not souls
Munia Khan

Not everyone can physically leave the ties of home, or the chains of the corporate desk, and head out into the great big blue. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go there in your imagination. It doesn’t take much to close your eyes and see the ocean, to breathe deep and in your mind smell the salt in the air. You don’t need to hold a shell to your ear to imagine the sound of the waves slapping against the hull of the boat, the wind as it laughs, dancing on its way to the Caribbean, the wet smash of a whale’s tail as it breaches almost within reach.
If the idea of this great adventure of mine gets your heart racing and you like to be a part of it, and help a great charity at the same time, then here’s how you can be involved as a corporate sponsor or an individual sponsor. Your sponsorship helps source kit, equipment, supplies, the boat and the fundraising for support of the awesome work done by Streetlight Schools.

Apart from the publicity your company and logo will receive by being visible during the race and in any expedition photography as well as, when appropriate, the mention made of the sponsorship in blogs, interviews or press releases, your logo will also appear here on the site.  For sponsors of between £5 000 – £10 000, I will be available for two post row presentations to their company and or guests.


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Greg Maud Row

Always there has been an adventure just around the corner – and the world is still full of corners.

Roy Chapman Andrews