The Dog House at Sea

By January 17, 2016Blog, Featured, Media

The Dog House at Sea


This is the beautiful Dog House, enjoying some calmer seas while I go for a swim.  I mean I was cleaning the boat. Of course there is no time for frivolous swimming.  Not at all.  Who would want to leave the confines of a boat that is 1.2m wide at its widest point?  Especially after being cooped up for 3 days last week in a storm?  No idea.  Though I may have the cleanest boat in the fleet…


  • Ken says:

    Don’t feed the sharks!

  • Mike says:

    Hi Greg
    I’m guessing you have had equip failure otherwise you are the slowest boat – Alantic Endeavour is bring up the rear of the fleet and he is 700km behind you
    Wind blew a gale in Cape Town for the last couple of days. Big fire in the Elgin area –

    • Greg says:

      Hi Mike! Not to worry – the equipment failure is the race tracking device – you can track me on this site and see that I’m making great progress, just incognito, so to speak

  • Lynne says:

    Adventure is what you were after & sounds like you got just that!! Amazing to be able follow you on this adventure.
    All strength to you & hope the weather is kinder in the next few weeks! xx Lynne & Gordon