Ups and Downs

By December 8, 2015Blog, Featured

It’s been great to get out on the water and to reacquaint myself with The Dog House.  She’s had a few little glitches that I’ll get resolved in the next day or two. I made another piece of work when I dropped my satellite phone and it broke.  A replacement is coming out later this week.  It helped take my mind off things to go to the Rum Punch party thrown by the Antiguan crew last night.  Really in the island mood now – my daughter has decided that she will be Elizabeth Swan, the Pirate King when she comes to meet me in Antigua next year.


  • Ken Maud says:

    Great to hear your news. Keep it coming.

  • Beth says:

    May these be ALL the troubles you run into on this trip. Get them out of your system now. (And eat as many fresh cheeseburgers as possible).

    • Greg says:

      Thanks! Definitely stocking up on the fresh food before I set off. I wonder if I’ll be craving KFC when I finish, like I always do after Comrades?