We’re Off!

By December 20, 2015Blog, Featured, Media

At last.  Time to set off.  The wind is still strong, but out of a favourable direction.  We are expecting big waves (4+ meters) not too long after we set off, so I am planning on doing a big push today and tonight to get past the last few islands.  While I’m doing that, and establishing my routine, I will be minimising communications, so it could be a few days before I have much information to share, but you can follow me on the tracker.


  • Elaine Dodge says:

    Good luck! Stay safe. Enjoy the adventure.

  • Phil & Juliet Calcott says:

    Hi Greg. We think you’re completely crazy to be doing what you’re doing – but we will be following your progress and praying for you all the way! We’ll be doing the same for your awesome wife and kids!

  • Wolfgang Hülstrunk says:

    Hello Greg,
    End of November a friend of mine and I was in the port of San Sebastian .Our sailing boat was across the rowers and I meet you while you was working on your boat. I was fascinated by the idea that you row over the atlantic. Well, I´ll follow the race and hope you arrive Antigua in a good health. I wish you a good race and a good time on the ocean. In case of bad moments on the ocean…….YOU MAY DOUBT SHORT, BUT THEN IT MUST GO ON !!!!!!!!
    Best Regards
    from Germany