While I’m away…

By August 7, 2015Blog, Featured

I have a map of the Atlantic up on the wall in the gym for inspiration during the many hours of training.


Our good friend, Beth Davidson, recently decided to add some sticky notes explaining what my wife, Sarah, will be up to as I progress through my journey.  The first one reads “Sarah eats an entire chocolate cake”



From there on the messages become more worrying:

  • “Sarah misses her husband briefly, then drinks his wine”
  • “Sarah puts non-gear in the gear room.  No one dies” (apparently I’m quite protective about my gear room)
  • “Every dinner contains onion and wasabi” (two of my least favourite foods)
  • “Sarah gets a convertible”
  • and finally, at Antigua… “Sarah gets ANYTHING she wants.  Greg gets a shower”